As you know, Grace Beyond Borders exists to celebrate the wins of our clients! Well, here’s a major win I want to share! 
Our client Tina! She has been through the fire! Drug addiction, abuse, homelessness and unemployment, you name it!. After several relapses, Tina gave her life to Christ while consistently accepting the services and assistance being offered by Grace Beyond Borders. She is now living as a gainfully employed, drug-free, God-fearing woman in our community! 
The photo pictured above on the left was the “Old Tina” while photo on the right is the “New Tina!” See that genuine smile and glow of happiness? That’s what the mission of Grace Beyond Borders is all about! 
I am asking you to support us as we work to restore more and more homeless individuals and those impacted by drug addiction. Your monthly gift of any size can help rescue a life! 
Right now, I am trusting God, and thanking you in advance! – Marcus 

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