By the time that I was a year old, my mother and father were deceased. The sexual abuse by my uncle began when I was four years old. At age 13, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of ongoing molestations and physical abuse. So, I sought a way to escape from the abuse and became homeless. Over the next 20 years, I moved from alcohol to marijuana to heroin to meth to crack cocaine. I was trying to find healing from the memories of my childhood trauma.

Thanks to Grace Beyond Borders. They were always there for me, I was rescued, and I entered my first recovery program. I completed my first domestic violence and trauma recovery program in 2018. I continued my recovery and graduated from the Life Treatment Center – March 2019.

Because of YOU, I am writing some new and victorious chapters in my life storybook. You cared, so I am alive. You prayed for me, so I am living drug-free. You supported the mission of Grace Beyond Borders, so I am no longer homeless. More women like me are looking for freedom, healing, hope, and love! I needed YOU, and they need YOU too!” Thank you! – Terri


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