Does Any One Care???

On Valentine’s Day, my phone rang. The call was from the North Township Trustee’s office seeking help for a homeless gentleman. Valentine’s eve temperatures had dropped to one degree, and Valentine’s night was forecast to be in the single digits. The problem was there was not a single warming center open for the homeless! 
If the homeless individual was willing, I would have to transport him/her to a shelter in Chicago, but there was one problem — my wife and I had plans to go to Lansing, IL for our Valentine’s Day Dinner, and I had to pick her up at the Hegewisch, IL South Shore train station.  
After praying for an answer, (Yes, I prayed!) I called City Hall. The Mayor was out of the office, but his Chief of Staff responded. She contacted the Police Department and the Chief of Police ensured me that the homeless could stay overnight at the station. Our Grace Beyond Borders’ donors provided meals for the homeless individuals who stayed overnight on Valentine’s Day and the next 2 nights. 

I believe that there are people who do care. I’m grateful for everyone listed above who cared about the homeless, and for the Givers who support financially, monthly, so that our homeless can have emergency shelter, meals, and restroom access. 

Our 365 Campaign is a small ask - 12 centsa day, rounded off to $3.65 each month. I believe that there are plenty of people who do care and will invest  $3.65 monthly throughout 2020. SHOW YOU CARE BY PUTTING ASIDE 12 CENTS EVERY DAY THROUGHOUT 2020. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND CO-WORKER TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND CONTRIBUTE TO OUR 365 CAMPAIGN AS WELL. 

Finally, your support has motivated one of the long-term homeless gentlemen who stayed overnight at the police station on Valentine’s Day, to move into a long-term, recovery, shelter with our partner mission in Indianapolis, IN.  

When you care, it works!  

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