We are focused on ministering to the total person-body, mind, and spirit with the goal of transformation and restoration.

Grace Beyond Borders NWI, Inc., was founded in 2013 by Marcus Martin as a non-profit organization with the purpose of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those impacted by homelessness and drug addiction. Thanks to established partnerships and donations from individuals, churches, organizations, and agencies in the community, our staff, and volunteers are able to provide food, clothing, and referrals for lodging to those in need.


Thanks to the prayers and support of our dedicated friends, God is using Grace Beyond Borders NWI, Inc to change the lives of men, women, and children in desperate need. Learn more about the work we are doing in the community.



We will provide food, clothing, and shelter while ministering to the total person—body, mind, and spirit. All intended with the goal of transformation and restoration. We will partner with other individuals, churches, groups, and agencies in the community to help perform the above-listed functions.



To offer hope, love, care, and the Good News of Jesus Christ to all who enter the doors of GRACE BEYOND BORDERS.

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Grace Beyond Borders NWI, Inc.

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Social service agencies keeping watch for COVID-19 symptoms in clients as need continues for homeless

Hello, it’s Marcus. I just wanted to let you know that over the past 2 weeks, there have been an overwhelming number of homeless emergencies! The other day, I completed an emergency homeless intervention that lasted an hour and it took place at 11:00 p.m.!


The woman had no place to go, no one to turn to for help, but was referred to Grace Beyond Borders by my cousin. I am grateful to have family that trust and believe in our mission. I’m even more grateful that we were able to provide assistance.


Yes, once again I’m falling further behind in my daily work, but a 50+ year old woman now has peace of mind and a bed to sleep in comfortably, tonight. She kept apologizing for what she thought was an inconvenience for me, but I kept reminding her that this is what I believe GOD called me to do.


If you would like to support of our work, it’s very simple! Your gift today of just 12 cents per day ($3.65 per month) helps make a difference for one homeless individual. Even consider $1.12 per day ($36.50 per month) which helps make a difference for ten homeless individuals!


Let us not take for granted the comfortable beds we sleep in each night! Thanks for your support, and have a great weekend! -Marcus


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