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Helping the Homeless

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“…I’m tired of being in this stuff…having to watch my back all the time.”

“I have been shot several times. My grandmother passed away recently…she took me to church when I was young (he is now 31 years old). I have a son…he’s 15 years old. I want to get out…”

As Sister Diane and Marcus ministered on the street, near 63rd and Cottage Grove with the Feeding the Homeless for Christ Outreach Ministry, Marcus’s first thoughts when he saw the tough, hardcore, tall man coming in their direction was that one of the other ministers had probably spoken to him already, or that he would say “no” and keep walking; but in obedience to the Holy Spirit, Marcus stepped forward in the man’s path, greeted him and asked if he would like prayer. Kurt (not his real name) responded “Yes”. His prayer request was, “I want to do what is right.”

Diane joined Kurt and Marcus. As they joined hands to pray, another Christian man on the streets joined them. After Marcus prayed, his heart was both joyful and grieved. He was joyful that Kurt had indeed stopped and accepted the invitation for prayer, despite the busyness and distractions of activities around them. Also, Kurt knew and shared that he had received Christ at 14 years of age. However, Marcus was grieved that Grace Beyond Borders—a Rescue Mission—is not funded and operating yet to meet the needs of men like Kurt who are plagued with unemployment due to involvement with street gangs, drug trafficking, violence and more.

Kurt certainly wasn’t the first man with this kind of story, but one of hundreds of men with similar stories in Northwest Indiana and the Greater Chicago-land area that Marcus has encountered, which is why he believes the Lord called him to open a Rescue Mission. Men and women need the support, love, deliverance, healing, forgiveness, and salvation that come only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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